Hideaway Computer Desk

Hideaway Computer Desks

What exactly is a hideaway computer desk?

Essentially it's a computer desk built inside a cupboard - when you want to work you simply open up the doors, slide out a shelf or two, swing up a chair and off you go. And when you're finished for the day, you simply push the drawers back in, close the doors and leave your "office" behind - out of sight, out of mind.

Recent advances in technology - cheap computers and widespread availability of broadband internet connections - have made it possible for ordinary people to set up home offices for telecommuting, after-hours moonlighting, studying, or simply to manage the family finances. But not everyone has the space to dedicate a room as an office, so it's not unusual to find a messy desk crammed into a corner and looking generally untidy with papers and cables everywhere,

Enter the hideaway - perfectly suited as a home office computer desk. When not in use it looks just like an ordinary cupboard in the corner of your bedroom, lounge or dining room; open it up and you have your pc or laptop, stationery, printer, shredder and whatever else you need to take care of business. Generally there will be room for a computer base unit, monitor and printer, a retractable shelf for your keyboard and mouse, and various other shelves and drawers for your phone, stationery, CDs, etc.

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